RQ Jewellery brings love and luxury from our nature to you.

A Danish jewellery brand with desings which contains gem stones and crystal. The luxury from our nature. Formed, created and designed in timeless and classic style.

The Idea
Rose Quartz has in many years been my favorite crystal. I always have it near me. The meaning of the rose quartz crystal and other gem stones, are the reason why we have designed a jewellery collection with meaningful crystal and gem stones.

It has been my dream for many years and now a reality.
Tove Resen
RQ Jewellery

profil billede 

Tove Resen

- has rich experience in creative development, trends, purchasing, product development, marketing and sales, due to her many years as self-employed in the fashion and accessories business. Tove is also trained mindfulness instructor and certified life mentor.

Jørn Simmenæs
- has extensive experience in PR, advertising, branding, social media, marketing and sales, due to his many years as self-employed in the communication industry. Jørn is also certifiedlife mentor, he run the Academy "HOW HAPPY ARE YOU?" and lectures for individuals and businesses.